Outdoor Dog Water Fountain - NEW!

Outdoor Dog Water Fountain - NEW!

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Be the best dog parent and give your fur baby instant fresh water anytime they want with our Outdoor Dog Water Fountain! No one wants to drink from bowls with stagnant water that's been sitting for hours. Step up your game and give your dog access to clean water with just one paw step to keep them hydrated and healthy every day!

 Here are more great details about our Outdoor Dog Water Fountain:

-Hose length : 41 inches

-Dimensions : 2.75" x 9.25" x 10"

-Constant fresh water supply helps prevent kidney related dog diseases

-Heavy duty gauge steel material

-Easy to install and attach to water supply sources (faucets or hose)

-2 way hose splitter

-Convenient step-on pad to release fresh water

-No batteries or electric supply needed

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