Lil Monkey Raincoat for Dogs - NEW

Lil Monkey Raincoat for Dogs - NEW

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This is the cutest raincoat we have ever stocked! Supplies limited!

This is a full body raincoat with a hood, available in 3 different colors. Buttons up in the front via 3 buttons.

Make sure to get them a matching jacket, hoodie, winter boots, and other cute winter gear:

Sizing: For Pugs, a size XL or XXL (if they're huskier) will be a good fit. For other breeds or if you're not sure, use the size chart below.

Size:S, M, L,XL,XXL

Size            Chest                Back Length               Neck

S               26cm\10.2"            26cm\10.2"            24cm\9.4"

M              27cm\10.6"            32cm\12.6"            28cm\11.0"           

L               31cm\12.2"            37cm\14.6"            33cm\13.0"

XL             36cm\14.2"            41cm\16.1"            38cm\15.0"

XXL           39cm\15.4"            47cm\18.5"            41cm\16.1"


Due to high demand, delivery times can take about 10-15 days. We are diligently working to speed up our delivery times.



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